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Professional Video Surveillance Installation

Welcome to Highwire Security Solutions, your trusted partner for commercial security systems in Conshohocken, PA, and Philadelphia. As a leading security camera installer with many years of experience, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses. Whether you require cloud-based or on-premise security systems, we have you covered. Our extensive range of offerings includes state-of-the-art NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and servers to ensure reliable and efficient video surveillance. We take pride in our partnerships with industry leaders such as Axis Communications and Hanwha Vision, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality security cameras, NVR’s and services available. We prioritize your ease of use, peace of mind, and the protection of your business. Contact us today to discuss your security needs and we’ll design a comprehensive solution for you.

Services We Offer

new installations

Our team of experts will design and install your security camera system, with expert care and craftsmanship. A project manager is assigned to each client, so someone is always there to take your call and who knows all the details of your system.

service & maintenance

Our techs are available 24/7 to provide service and maintenance for your security camera system, ensuring that it continues to operate at optimal performance. We often detect and fix minor issues before our clients even know there was an issue.

Upgrades & retrofits

Reusing existing wiring and infrastructure from an existing system allows you to keep up with the latest technology and advancements while keeping costs down. Our software management interfaces are built on open-source platforms and will integrate easily with most, if not all of your existing equipment.

Commercial Security Systems for Businesses

Outdoor parking garage with dome camera installed.

At Highwire Security Solutions, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure environment for commercial offices. Our comprehensive selection of security cameras and service options are designed to safeguard your office premises, assets, and personnel. With our expertise in commercial office security, we offer tailored solutions for Conshohocken, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Radnor, West Chester, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. From strategically placed high-definition cameras to advanced access control systems, we provide a reliable defense against unauthorized access and potential threats. 

Security Camera Installation & Project Management

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional security camera installation services, timely project management and the best available customer experience. When you choose to work with us, you can expect efficient and well-organized project execution, with detailed floor plans and camera guides. We get your security camera system up and recording promptly, with a solution that will be reliable and easy to use for many years. Our team of experienced professionals understands the value of clear communication and transparent coordination, making the process easy and stress-free for our clients.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. Our skilled and experienced techs are meticulous in their work, ensuring precise camera installation and expertly running wires for a clean and professional appearance. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that every camera is strategically positioned to provide comprehensive coverage of the intended area. Choosing Highwire Security Solutions is a great way to be sure you’re getting the best camera technology available for the best price. We treat you like family and want to see your property secured and safely monitored by equipment that has been tested, and validated by our years of experience.

Types of Security Cameras

Getting the right type of security camera installed in the right application for your business is imperative to the overall success of the solution.  We give each site careful consideration and thought, and have partnered with the top security camera manufacturers specializing in reliable commercial security cameras that are relied on by the top businesses around the world. Below you will see some of the most popular varieties of network-based security cameras.  We do service and replace analog cameras, but strongly recommend moving towards network/IP cameras which is why you will see all examples of all network/IP cameras below.

Dome security cameras fit unobtrusively into any setting. Their dome casings, which protect against redirection, defocusing and impact, also disguise which way the security cameras are pointing. These are the covert workhorses of the security camera world, and can be suited for any environment.​​

Fixed bullet style security cameras send a powerful message of deterrence to potential offenders: Think twice. We’re watching. That’s because they provide a clearly visible, fixed angle of view, making it easy to see exactly where the security camera is pointing and allowing you to record a precisely defined area.​

PTZ security cameras use pan, tilt and zoom to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single security camera. Great image quality and the ability to zoom in make it possible to verify detected security events. The cameras are equipped with a variety of intelligent features and can move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to detected events from other security cameras.

Panoramic security cameras give you wide-area coverage with just one camera. You can use them to monitor activities and detect incidents in large areas, track the flow of people, and improve area management. And because just one security camera plays the role of many, your security camera installation and system costs are kept lower.

Install a fisheye panoramic (single-sensor) security camera on a ceiling for a complete 360° overview of an entire room. Mount it on a wall for a 180° field of view. Either way, single- sensor security cameras eliminate blind spots and deliver natural looking images, thanks to dewarping. Plus, they’re easy to place because they’re relatively small.

Reliable license plate recognition (LPR), also referred to as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), has traditionally been costly and only relevant for a limited number of applications. The rapid development of IP cameras and deep learning now allows for wider use of automatic LPR solutions. Depending on your needs, they can help to increase everyday efficiency, service levels and security.

Wearable video cameras add value in many industries – by offering an extra layer of personal protection, ensuring high standards of professionalism, and providing video of processes and situations that you can use for hands-on job training. Body worn cameras are assigned to users and all video is intuitively downloaded when its put on the charging dock at the end of a shift.

PTZ security camera installation outdoors

Benefits of Video Surveillance

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Security cameras were the leading deterrent in a study of burglary from the offenders perspective. Using bullet-style security cameras installed in noticeable, high-traffic areas are an extremely effective measure against crimes from taking place at your Philadelphia business.

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crime evidence

Supposing an incident does occur, you can be confident that the footage captured by your security camera will be clear, decisive and permissible in a court of law as valid forensic evidence.

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remote monitoring

Easily monitor large areas, hard-to-access industrial equipment, guest attendance, stockroom inventory, etc. Use security cameras as a means to open & manage more locations of your business. Everyone has a different reason for needing a few security cameras installed to peer in on their livelihood.

insurance benefits from security camera installations


Perhaps the best evidence of how effective a commercial security camera system can be is that insurance companies will often provide discounts just for having security cameras on your property. Each policy is different, so please check with your insurance provider.

Icon representing the shopper analytics that security cameras installed by Highwire Security Solutions can provide.

shopper insights

Take advantage of detailed shopper analytics and insights into your retail store. Security cameras can measure patterns and statistics about your shoppers that you can turn into actionable data. Colored heatmaps illustrating foot traffic flow can show you which endcap displays are working, or if bottlenecks are preventing your customers from checking out.

Icon for compliance for security cameras installed by Highwire Security Solutions.


Quickly and definitively prove proper compliance protocols were followed in the event of an investigation with security cameras overlooking important entrances to restricted areas.

Partnered with the best security camera manufacturers

When it comes to the quality of equipment, we partner with industry leaders to provide you with the best security camera technology available. Through our partnerships with Axis Communications and Hanwha Vision, we offer top-of-the-line cameras that are rugged, reliable, and affordable. These trusted brands are known for their innovative solutions and cutting-edge features, ensuring that your security camera system delivers exceptional performance and meets your specific needs.

Artificial intelligence has taken over our culture in recent months, and that is no different in the world of security cameras and security camera recording. Axis Communications is now starting to include Deep-Learning Processing Units (DLPU) on all of its new cameras going forward, which is an AI component that functions completely from within the camera.  This upgrade improves upon the traditional motion detection style recording that all security cameras have been using for over a decade. Security cameras with AI capabilities such as DLPU are able to distinguish between cars, humans, animals, and more which greatly reduces false positives and makes security camera analytic-based alerting far more useful than ever before.  Hanwha also has this capability on their premium line of cameras, and offers a few other features such as quickly pulling up clips with vehicles of a certain color or even specific audio triggers such as glass breaking or gunshots.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted partner in the security camera industry. Contact us today to discuss your security requirements and let us provide you with a superior solution that exceeds your expectations.

Learn More about Security Camera Technology


Check out some of the ways that Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet can be a solution for retail, transportation, bank, and city.

AI object detection for Security Cameras

AI-enabled cameras are capable of detecting and classifying people, vehicles, faces, license plates, and more in real time. With a range of available resolutions from 2MP to 8K, the cameras’ deep-learning algorithms can reliably identify multiple distinct objects. Reduce false alarms caused by irrelevant motion, such as wind-blown trees, shadows, or headlights. Analytics become a reliable second pair of eyes to operators, helping them know where to look for important events that are actively unfolding, as well as making post-event searches simple and highly efficient.

BestShot Feature for faster Clip identification

Another innovative feature from Hanwha’s Wisenet product line is called the BestShot feature.  This takes a snapshot of detected objects and displays them onscreen in real-time along with any captured metadata for easy Identification.  Processing takes place right on the camera, saving your networks bandwidth and server processing power.

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Object Attribute Extraction from Video Surveillance Footage

Humans and vehicles detected by the Wisenet AI algorithm are classified accordingly with a listing of detected attributes committed as searchable metadata.  Premium security cameras with artificial intelligence features like these greatly improve the customizability and automation potential for businesses looking to leverage their cameras as a tool to save time and manpower.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main differences between a cloud-based video surveillance system and one that is on-premise are initial setup costs, monthly subscription costs, and the overall control you maintain over your video and data. Let’s dive in to the first difference which is initial cost.  There are many situation when you may require one or two cameras in an isolated location, which would typically require running a wire or using point 2 point wireless communication across long distances, or would require it’s own NVR or server. Servers and NVRs can be a pricey investment to connect just one or two cameras to your security system. Cloud-based solutions allow you to connect those isolated cameras to your main system with just a power outlet and internet connection.

Quality, reliability, and features. To start, all residential cameras like Ring, Nest, Arlo etc. are cloud-based which means you’ll pay a subscription cost to connect your cameras to their cloud service for remote monitoring and recording video feeds. You will pay for the cameras, but they don’t have any value without the subscription. To make setup and installation easier on homeowners, residential cameras always connect to your network wirelessly, whether or not there is a battery or a plug into the wall for electricity. This means there is a higher chance of threat from cybersecurity through the form of wireless hacking. Is it likely? Not particularly. But it’s not difficult for an intelligent hacker to accomplish, depending on the desirability of the assets you’re protecting. For a typical family, these cameras are perfectly fine. However, for commercial use, it’s highly recommended that businesses opt to go with a wired security camera system. Whether you choose a cloud-based system, an on-premise NVR or server, or a hybrid system that combines both features across your property or properties; wired network cameras are far more reliable, capable of much higher quality, and undoubtedly more secure to threats of hacking.

In some ways, nothing! Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. A Network Video Recorder is simply a device on your network that records video from your security cameras. Often times, a traditional NVR will have a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch built-in to a standalone unit with hard drives pre-loaded inside to suit the number of ports for cameras and desired recording length and quality. You might hear some professionals make the distinction between a VMS server and an NVR, when the Video Management Software (VMS) is running on a standard server or virtual machine.

VMS, or video management software is the main application responsible for doing anything with your security cameras, such as pulling in all of your security cameras’ video streams and organizing them into a single location, and recording/playback. Any artificial intelligence features will be used by the VMS to easily sort footage, or trigger alerts, announcements, recordings, etc. Some of our favorite VMS solutions are Wisenet WAVE and AXIS Camera Station. Give us a call to find out more about upgrading your VMS today.

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