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Access Control Installation Services

Whatever your needs, and no matter the size of your system, we install quality access control solutions that suit your requirements — from a single door to a whole building.  Access controls include a variety of keyless entry products such as electronic door locks or key fob entry systems. We provide reliable, easy-to-use access management controls for businesses to easily add users, create schedules, and remotely greet visitors at your business location’s front door from anywhere in the world.

Services We Offer

new installations

Our team of experts will design and install your access control system, with expert care and craftsmanship. A project manager is assigned to each client, so someone is always there to take your call and who knows all the details of your system.

service & maintenance

Our techs are available 24/7 to provide service and maintenance for your access control system, ensuring it continues operating at optimal performance. With cloud-based access control managed systems, you can detect issues and resolve them from anywhere you are.

Upgrades & retrofits

Reusing existing wiring and infrastructure from an existing system allows you to keep up with the latest technology and advancements while keeping costs down. We even offer solutions that don't require lengthy wire runs at all.

Answer The Door Wherever You Are

Stay informed about everything happening outside your entrance. The 2N Mobile Video service lets you communicate with visitors at your door via your mobile phone and a 2N IP intercom installed at your door. All calls between 2N devices are free over the My2N cloud network.

Simplify your access management in the Cloud

cloud-managed access control system for electronic door locks.

Cloud-based access controls make access management a truly intuitive and simple experience.  With all of the essential tools needed to manage to secure facility access at your fingertips at all times. Features such as event tracking, user and credential management, facility lockdown, and recorded video of when doors were opened and by who, all right from your mobile or web app.

Types of Access Controls

Access controls are a term that almost no one is familiar with until the time comes to do some research.  Access controls are the blanket term for all security devices that grant entry through a door, gate, turnstile, etc.after verifying credentials (key fob, access code, fingerprint, bluetooth, etc.) by triggering a connected locking mechanism. Below you’ll see some of the most common pieces of access control equipment used to secure 95% of businesses across the world.

Available as a 2-way communication device with a live video feed of your visitors or a simple door buzzer.  Intercoms allow you to communicate with visitors and grant entry from inside the building or remotely anywhere.

For multi-unit complexes, guests can easily browse through a list of tenants to call and be let in via an answering station or mobile app.

Coordinated placements of emergency stations make large campuses a safer place when help is just a push of a button away.

Another common device to be operated by an access control system is a garage door. Monitor and ensure that only permitted vehicles are entering private garage spaces.

While electronic door strikes are not access controls themselves, they are the locking mechanism that the access control system triggers to grant entry. They are an essential part of most types of access control systems and appropriate for most doors,  Available in fail-safe or fail-secure.

Like the electronic door strike, the magnetic lock, or simply mag lock, the part of the access control system that is triggered to grant entry. It is the 2nd most common type of access control lock, commonly found on glass doors, and is only available in fail-safe varieties.

Access Controls can be used to trigger a toll or gate arm for parking lots with ticketing systems.  Easily manage an unmanned parking lot with cameras and cloud based access controls

Secure access to certain floors by assigning specific credentials to specific users via an access control management system.

keyless door entry systems

Fully Integrate Your Access Controls With Existing Systems

intercoms and how they integrate with access control installations.

Intercoms can do a whole lot more than just make calls. The Automation function offers endless possibilities. A photo sent to your e-mail when something moves in front of the intercom.  Switching on lights in the hallway when you unlock the door. Set up intercoms and access readers to suit your precise requirements in an intuitive graphic interface, or let us set it up for you.

Benefits of Access Controls

user management of access control installation

track & log

For high sensitivity areas that require records of access in and out. We provide access management solutions that make it easy to view logs in real-time, and even synchronize your security cameras to record visual evidence of each user to be sure the credential holder matches the credentials.

Icon for remote monitoring on Highwire Security Solutions website.

answer remotely

Easily grant contractors, visitors, or employees access to areas just by pressing a button. With 2N mobile video, you can assign intercoms to call your mobile phone; see whos there and speak to them before deciding to open the door. You can also send credentials ahead of time using QR codes for repeat visitors during a certain time frame for seamless access management.

edge based access control installation


The future of access controls is at your door in edge-based systems, where processing power is within the device. Devices from 2N operate with just an ethernet connection. This allows much greater interoperability and doesn't require lengthy/costly cable home runs.


Automatically lock your doors at night and unlock them in the morning. Grant specific access to certain groups after hours, and not others. Even get notifications when the door's been left open after hours.

Proximity reader icon representing door access control installations from Highwire Security Solutions.

reader types

You have several choices of access methods to activate your controls. Keycards/fobs, keypad, bluetooth, fingerprint, facial recognition, auto tags, license plate recognition, and more.

integration with access control management solutions for access control installations


One of the most valuable features of our system is their ability to integrate. This is a recurring theme in our business because of the value it brings. Creating one database of users and integrating it into whatever software your business relies on to conduct its daily operations can be a massive time saver.

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This discreet, outdoor-ready mini dome offers outstanding images and complete 360° panoramic overview with audio capture. A deep learning processing unit (DLPU) allows you to benefit from analytics based on deep learning on the edge.

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